The Sound You Deserve

You put your heart and soul into creating your music. And here at CLFsound Studio, we understand the importance of bringing your musical creation to life in it’s best form possible. Through our mixing and mastering we help you get the sound your music deserves.

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The Sound You Deserve

CLFsound is an audio mixing and mastering studio that can help bring your music to life no matter where you are. Our vision and goal are the same as yours: to give your music the sound it deserves.

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Learn why CLFsound is one of the top providers of online mixing and mastering services


CLFsound will provide you high quality mixes and services in any genre through our expertise and industry standard tools. Take a listen to our online mixing and mastering samples to hear the difference.

Smooth Process

I have designed this service to make the production process as easy as possible so that you can be free of mind and make more music. You will be guided step by step through the process and provided tutorials and secure file transfers.



We believe that communication is key in understanding your artistic vision. You will be kept up to date at each step of the mixing and mastering process. We will never leave you guessing about your music.



I have been involved in music production since before I even set foot in audio school at MTSU. I have further developed my skills at an internship in Nashville, TN and freelance engineering for many years.



See what people have said

I went through a lot of different engineers (whom all fell short for one reason or another) before I stumbled upon Chris’s studio. Not only was he able to listen and mix & master my music, he did so with great precision. The worst feeling is when you ask an engineer to change something, and the next mix has the same exact issue that you asked for them to get fixed. This is not the case with Chris, because he also has a fantastic ear and sense for music. He does his research to figure out what sound you are going for first, and he has made the communication process very simple too. You will feel safe trusting him with your songs!!

Seth Cardew

Artist, Independent Musician

Went above and beyond expectations, and did it for less money than any of the other sound engineers I’ve worked with. By far the best bang for your buck. Will definitely continue to use CLFsound for all of my future projects!

Mansoor Syed

Artist, Independent Musician

Chris is a pleasure to work with. Professional, flexible and delivers high-quality masters,

Matt Lee

Artist, Independent Musician

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