Free Mixing Sample

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Are you having a hard time finding the right mixing engineer?

I have heard for many bands and artists that it has been to difficult to find a skilled and reliable engineer to help them. An engineer should have the band or artist’s success – whatever that happens to be, in mind at all times.

That is why for a limited time I will be offering a free sample mix to artists that are planning to release their music on the major streaming services – Apple, Spotify…etc

How does this help you?

 You need to find an engineer that has the same vision as you for your music. If you can’t get in the same headspace as your engineer you are going to have a hard time communicating your vision. 

That is why it can be risking working with an engineer for the first time. 

I try to limit this risk as much as possible by communicating with you about your vision and goals and everything else that might help me see your vision. 

On top of that, I am offering this free mixing sample so that you can hear if we are on the same page.

Sure you can listen to my portfolio, but being able to hear a sample of your own song being mixed will help you nail down the decision on choosing the right mixing engineer.



Get your Free Sample Mix

Looking for a risk free way to find the perfect mixing engineer for your next EP or album? Get a sample mix on a single song and let the results help you decide.