November has been a very busy month. I finally launched this website and blog. (Hey, thanks for visiting!)

Also, I had the opportunity to enter a few mixing competitions and work on some other mixes to develop on my skills.

The first mix that I entered this month was to do a remix of the new David Crosby song – Things We Do For Love for a Puremix.com competition.

Here is the mix I submitted.

David Crosby – Things We Do For Love


This was a very beautiful song. I really liked the intimate vocals of David Crosby and the guitar parts. Since this song was so well recorded, It was fairly easy to get the mix to come together. I tried to get a nice ambience on the acoustic guitar and a very wide 12 string guitar.

The next mix competition I worked on this month was for Indabamusic. It was a competition sponsored by Dave Pensado. This was folk-pop/rock song by the the group known as Jesus on the Mainline.

This was an incredibly fun and huge song (It had over 70 tracks) to mix. It posed quite a challenge because I would have to say this was the largest track count that I have mixed and it had a lot of instrumentation with overlapping frequencies. So it was pretty difficult to get the mid-range sounding good on this song.

Here is a link to my mix.

Jesus on the Mainline – Always With Me



Since I just started this blog, I am still deciding in which direction to take it. Right now, I know I am doing to post updates about what is happening with CLFsound and different projects I am working on. I was also thinking of posting some tutorials on mixing and audio production in general. If you have any ideas on topics that you would like to see more information on, let me know.

Also, I am going to write about my other hobby, electronics. I am still a beginner, but I am going to write about some projects I’m building and maybe even a build log.


Thanks for reading.