Learn each step of our simple and proven online mixing process that will return professional results for your song or album.

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1. Take a Listen


Take a listen to our mixes as well as our before and after samples. If you feel that our style is the right match for your music, go to the request a quote page.

Listen to our Mixes


2. Send Quote Request Form


Send the Quote Request Form and I will contact you within 24 hours.

We will talk about your budget, project needs, and time line in more detail.

I will also be sending you important information on how the files and session should be organized for proper mix prep.

3. Invoice

Once we have come up with an agreement on the project, I will send you an invoice for half of the total project cost. This will be safely processed through Paypal.

4. Send Files

 You will need to prep the files for transfer. I will provide you with a decided guide on how I prefer the files and session to be organized before transfer.

I will recommend some file transfer services to you or you a custom link to where you can safely upload your music.

5. Start Mixing

Once I receive the deposit, I can start working on your songs. I will message you the day before I start.


If you are curious about the mixing process, I give a detailed outline of how I go about mixing each song on the Mixing Process Page.

6. Review First Mix

I will send the first mix as a mp3 file. You will need to review the mix and write down any revisions that you will like to be made. I provide up to 3 rounds of revisions before there are extra costs.

7. Revision

I will begin the revision process and send you back updates.

8. Final mix

After the revisions have been signed off, I will send you the final invoice. Once that has been paid, I will send you the .wav Master of your project.

Questions? Want to talk in more detail?

E-Mail Chris of CLFsound

Why Hire a Mixing Engineer?

The benefits of getting professionally mixed and mastered recordings.

Get Taken Seriously


In the music industry, your music will speak for you. And if you want to be taken seriously, you are going to want to get professional mixing and mastering for your recordings. This is an important aspect that record labels and A&R guys now consider essential. Let’s show them that you care about your craft and that you know what is necessary to succeed.

Sound Better


Go beyond the sound in your head and contend with other commercial releases you hear on the radio. From clarity, and emotional impact to loudness, Your music will stand against the latest hits.

Grow your Fanbase


You sound professional, you are competing with famous artists on the radio and your mix sounds amazing. People are more likely to show interest in your music if it does not sound like it was recorded in a bedroom.

Team Member


I am not here to solely mix your song. I am here to solve your creative problems and be a reliable team member, who will provide you support in your musical endeviours so that you can gain more fans and reach the next step in your career.

Take the Next Step

Let’s take your music to the next level together.