Sample Mix & Master

So you just left the studio or just finished up recording yourself and are on the fence on what to do about mixing and mastering.

I want to help you make the right choice.


That is why I am offering this Sample Mix and Master with no risk to you.


How it Works

When you submit this form, I will send you a link for you to upload your files (in .zip format). Alongside that, I will send more detailed information about the process that you will need to read carefully.


Just to be clear. This isn’t a FREE Mix and Master. You will get a free Sample Mix. This is usually the chorus section, but you can detail what section would best represent your song when fully mixed and mastered.

If you like how everything is sounding and want to continue working with me then we can talk about the details of payment.

Important Notes:

  • Only 1 Sample Mix & Master per band.
  • I only accept songs that will be released on major streaming services and digital download stores.
  • More Details on how to send your files will be emailed to you.


Let’s Do This!


I just need a little more info from you and I can get everything sent over!

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