Online Mixing Services

Mixing is one of the final steps in the record production process. After the tracks have been recorded, mixing is where all the raw tracks for each song are mixed together with processing and various effects to make a single stereo mix that is ready for playback.

CLFsound provides professional mixing and mastering services to artists on all levels from independent to major label. Whether you are an independent artist who has created a rough mix, but know the song can sound better, or you don’t have the correct listening environment to make a great mix. You can benefit from a fresh set of ears working on your project. Mixing is the art of crafting sound and with my knowledge and experience, I will be able to sculpt your music so that he has the strongest impact on your listeners.

Give your song the mix it deserves. We are ready to start your project immediately!

Online Mixing Services

Online Mastering

Give your song the final polish it needs with our online mastering services so you can share your music with confidence. Our mastering services allow musicians and artists to get professional sounding masters that are ready for distribution through our simple and easy online mastering solutions.

Using our primarily ITB mastering techniques, we can deliver quality masters with quick turnaround times – 24 to 48 hours for complete ready to release masters!

Getting your music released this week starts with a profession master from CLFsound.

Online Mastering Services