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Audio Mastering Services for $29

Get a professional master that brings cohesiveness to your mixes. Our mastering services will make your recordings radio and distribution ready. Getting a professional master with CLFsound will take your music to the next level.

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Free Sample of our Services

Quick Turnaround Times

Single Rate Pricing Structure


Responsive Engineer and Customer Service

Sonically Pleasing Masters

Our mastering services allow musicians and artists to get professional sounding masters that are ready for distribution through our simple and easy online audio mastering solutions.

Using our primarily ITB mastering techniques, we can deliver quality masters with quick turnaround times – 24 to 48 hours for complete ready to release masters!

Be sure to review our special offer of a free mastering sample!


No Matter how big or small your project is, you get the same rate – simple and easy.

$29/ per mix

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Master Guarantee

CLFsound will put all of their efforts and skills to make your song sound better – the sound you have in your head. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your master. It will sound better.

In the case you don’t like the master, you can get your money back. No questions.

What’s holding you back? Let’s get started now!

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Try Our Service For Free

Hear the clarity that professional mastering will bring to your music. Simply upload a finished mix. CLFsound will master your song and send back a short sample for free!


 *Please allow for 1 week turnaround time due to high volume of sample requests.

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Take a look at our FAQ or simply contact us. 

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